Baby essentials? Everything you need in keeping your newborn baby safe at all times.

Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming. There’s so much information on what you should purchase, what others think you have to have and everyone seems to be throwing in their opinion at every stop. We’re here to help you know what’s the most important, essential items and things you need to know during the first three months of your baby’s life.


Big Time Baby Essentials

Babies may seem like they need a million things to survive, but there’s only a few things they cannot live without those first few weeks. According to babylist, even if you’re taking a minimalist approach to parenthood, there’s a few things you must have.

Car seat

baby car seat

You cannot leave the hospital without an approved car seat. An infant car seat is what the baby uses for about the first year of their life. It’s put in the car rear facing. It clicks in a base so you can get it in and out of the car easily. A convertible car seat can be used for a longer period of time since they have a higher weight limit.


baby dipers

Diapers will stick around for two or more years so get used to them. Whether you go for cloth or disposable, you’ll be changing a lot of diapers. According to babylist, babies go through 700 diapers the first three months of their life. Don’t stock up on newborn diapers. Like clothing, some newborns come home from the hospital and have already outgrown the tiny diapers. Have a few different sizes of diapers on hand. You’ll be happily surprised one day when looking for the next size to see a box sitting in your closet.


Wipes go hand-in-hand with diapers. You could just use washcloths like the old days, but buying in bulk is best for most families. You’ll use a handful of wipes every time you change a dirty diaper. You might as well just stock up on these because you can use the same brand and type for years if you choose.

Infant Bathtub

baby bath

Some parents bathe their kids in a big sink, but it’s easiest to get an infant bathtub. You just plop them right in where they fit until about seven months. You don’t want to move them to a bigger bathtub until they’re able to sit up alone. An infant tub has the perfect incline so they can sit back and enjoy the bath.

Swaddle Blanket

Most newborns love to feel cuddled up in their guardian’s arms. A swaddle blanket helps them sleep, feel secure and keeps them from moving around too much. Swaddle blankets are often bigger so they’re great to use as breastfeeding covers as well. Most are lightweight and breathable so it’s not as much a worry if it falls over the baby’s face for a few seconds.

baby Swaddle Blanket


baby thermometer

Odds are, you probably already own a thermometer. The doctors have the fancy ones that stick in your ear to get the perfect reading. Most parents have the type you drag across the forehead. One of the most accurate readings is found in a basic thermometer which is stuck under a baby’s tongue or in their anus. Good luck trying to get that reading without the baby with fever falling apart. You’ll need a thermometer for the middle of the night when a sudden fever hits so you aren’t rushing to the drugstore in a scared rage.

Diaper Cream

Diaper rash might make you feel like a bad parent, but almost every baby suffers from it from time to time. The irritating, red, scaly skin is treated with the essential diaper cream. You’ll need to stash it everywhere because a rash will come on suddenly, and it could surprise you. No matter if you change your baby every few hours, odds are a diaper rash will pop up randomly so it’s best to be prepared to fix it before it spreads.

Safe Place To Sleep

baby bassinet

According to You Tube Mom, Kitty Cotten, the number one thing you need at home is a safe place for the baby to sleep. She uses a baby lounger; however, these aren’t recommended to use when unsupervised. Babies need a safe, flat space to sleep. They cannot use any pillows or sheets. A bassinet is a great thing to place right by the bed. Most babies stay in the same room with the parents for the first few months of their life, so it isn’t imperative that you set up their nursery at the beginning of their life. Most parents get excited to set up the nursery and don’t wait a few months anyway.

Baby Clothing Essentials

What do babies wear the first 3 months?

Shopping for baby clothes is one of the most fun things for new moms as they pick up the tiny, cute outfits. It’s tempting to buy all of them. So this begs the question, “What do babies wear the first 3 months?” The catch is that the baby will probably only wear it a few times before it grows into the next size. It’s also overwhelming as many brands fit differently so it’s important to always check the brand’s size chart. One rule of thumb is don’t buy too many newborn outfits. In fact, some babies are born too big to even wear newborn sizes. Buy different sizes of clothing at the beginning so you have choices when one day your baby suddenly no longer fits in their 0-3 month clothing. Never buy baby clothing with ribbons, strings or tassels as these are choking hazards. Buy items that are comfortable and easy to get on and off. Expect baby blowouts that might ruin that outfit for the day so plan on changing them into an entirely new outfit at times. You can also buy organic baby clothing made without any harsh dyes. These are usually more expensive. It’s best to buy clothing secondhand or get hand-me-downs since your baby may only wear the outfit a handful of times.

Must Have Clothing:

Classic Onesies This is tricky because there are many different kinds. The zip up kinds are the quickest and easiest as the baby flails around as you try to dress them. There’s also the button up kind and the two-piece pj set.

  • Pajamas
  • Socks
  • Cold Weather Hat
  • Sunhat

When should you start shopping for baby stuff?

Every new parents wonders, “When should you start shopping for baby stuff?” There’s no correct answer as every parent is different. Blogger Louise Porter at everymum says as long as you wait until the 12 week mark when you’re safe to share the news, you’re on time. There’s no proof that it’s bad luck to shop for the baby at any point. You might to wait until you know the gender to decorate the nursery or buy certain colors, but there’s no rule that girls love pink and boys love blue anyway.

Feeding Essentials


baby bottles

There’s a million different bottles on the market. They need ones that help with gas reduction. Keep clean bottles on hand at all times. You’ll be washing those suckers like crazy.
Milk Storage Bags
If you plan to breastfeed, it’s great to have milk storage bags to freeze extra milk. Some women don’t make enough surplus milk to save while others can stock an entire freezer.
Bibs aren’t as essential for newborns as they are once babies start eating solid foods. Most of the food won’t get in their mouth so they end up wearing all sorts of crazy colors. You don’t want to do laundry all day to get the stains out so bibs are your best friends.
Burp Cloth
Unless you want baby goo all of your clothing, a burp cloth is a big help. Stash a few anywhere you like to sit so you can just place it over your shoulder as you burp the baby. You can place them in your bag and purse easily, too.

Non-Essential Baby Things

You could buy the entire baby store’s inventory. You’ll have people on every side telling you a million things you should buy or you just have to have, but truthfully you don’t need every little thing.
Wipe Warmer

According to Today’s Parent one of the things you can live without the first year is a wipe warmer. Sure, it’ll warm those little wipes right up, but does your baby really care? You can warm up a wipe by just holding it in your hand a few seconds. You’ll be in such a hurry to get on a new diaper before they pee on you that warming a wipe won’t matter.

Bottle Warmer

The baby is screaming waiting for their food while you’re busy warming a bottle. It’s a lot easier to hold the bottle under warm water as it naturally heats it up. You don’t need to invest in an expensive contraption to warm up a bottle.

Changing Table

A changing table is on the fence when it comes to a need and a want. Some people change every single diaper on their changing table. Other people are in such a hurry to get that diaper changed they change the baby on any sturdy surface in the house. Your baby doesn’t really need their own little cushioned table for every diaper change. You’ll forget about the changing table in a few months, and resort to changing them anywhere and everywhere because changing diapers becomes something you just do without even thinking.

Scratch Mittens

Sure, scratch mittens are cute. They help your baby from looking like Wolverine went a little crazy on their face. Socks work just as great as scratch mittens. Those little nails grow so fast that it doesn’t matter if you even wear the mittens anyway. They’ll outgrow cutting up their face in a few weeks whether you choose mittens or socks.

White Noise Machine

This is another item on the list that could throw some into a fit of rage because their baby had to have it to sleep. It’s really up to each person, but a white noise machine won’t hurt anything if you don’t have it. It does help the baby sleep by cutting out all excess exterior noise. The problem is when they get older, they might not be able to sleep without the whirring of the machine.

Safety Essentials To Know

The number one priority of any parent is to keep their child safe. It’s a tough job being in charge of a tiny human being. There’s some basic safety essentials to know for the entire first year of your baby’s life.

Back Is Best

Babies don’t roll for a few months, but it’s important they sleep on their backs to maintain proper airflow. Never place them somewhere to sleep with blankets, pillows, sheets, and/or stuffed animals. They must sleep without anything that could fall over their face. It may seem impossible, but babies don’t know how to push things away from their face that could obstruct their airflow.

Infant Walkers

The safety of baby walkers is a debate among many people. According to KidsHealth, walkers are a safety hazard. Babies can fall over when the wheels are on an uneven surface, they could roll into a hot stove and there’s no research a baby walks earlier if they use one. All this said, walkers on an even surface do safely help babies get around an are when they cannot use their own two legs yet.

Rolling Over Early

It takes many people by surprise when they leave their baby in one place, turn around, and that baby has rolled to another place. The scary part happens when this occurs on an elevated surface. Never leave a baby on a sofa or bed thinking they won’t roll right off. Babies will surprise you with their early skills.

Bathtub Safety

The infant bathtub may seem safe enough, but turning away for a second could change that. Babies can shift or fall further into the tub in under a second. Always keep an eye on your baby when they’re in any body of water. Especially as newborns, they don’t have any skills to tell them to push their legs up or to turn their heads away from the water.

Every baby is different. They all don’t like the same things. One newborn may love their swing while another may hate the swinging motion. Some love to sleep on an incline while others are great sleeping flat. The main thing is that those babies feel love and support as they enter this new world of theirs. You’ll figure it out as you go as well. There’s no right or wrong answers when you’re trying your best to raise these tiny human beings. You will all survive this stage then the really fun part when they start walking, talking and moving comes next. Get ready for the wild, amazing ride of parenthood.


As A mother & nurse there is nothing I want more than my kids growing up safe!, after many years of experience and research I'm confident in bringing you the best information in keeping your child safe!