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Top 5 Safest Baby Travel Systems in 2020 – Stroller & car seat combination

Ensuring your child is safe is always a top priority for parents. This can be particularly true when deciding on what car seta to buy. Purchasing the best car seat for your child will ensure their safety in case you get into any type of accident. Parents need to know what types of car seats are available to them, and what age group each type is created for.

Overall, it is best never to purchase a used car seat. Federal regulations are constantly improving to ensure better child safety while riding in a vehicle. Consequently, parents should always consider checking the latest federal regulations in order to make sure they have purchased the car seat that contain the most recent safety features available.

 When deciding what car seat to purchase for your infant or newborn, parents should consider buying a travel system. These are infant car seats that fit onto a stroller for convenience. These systems allow you to transport your baby from the car to the stroller without taking your child out of the seat. We have compiled a list of the top five safest baby travel systems in 2020.



Our Rating



  • Value For Money
  • Easy to transport 
  • Compact for storage


  • Suit Jogs & Hikes
  • Travel on any terrain
  • Easy to fold


  • Easy to assemble
  • Reinforced steel for safety 
  • Large canopy


  • Extremely sturdy 
  • Simply Safe Adjust Hardness System
  • Easy to clean


Product Name

  • Straps and clips are easily adjustable
  • A safe and reliable car seat
  • Good value for money



The Chicco Bravo Trio travel system provides parents with superior safety to transport your new baby. The system should last for at least the first full year of his or her life.

The system includes an infant car seat as well as a stroller. It has a convenient one-hand fold and parent tray for drinks and snacks. The seat reclines to provide comfort for your baby no matter what the circumstance.


  • check
    Easy to transport your child from the car to the stroller and back again
  • check
    Compact for convenient storage in your car or home
  • check
    Infant car seat easily and securely fits onto stroller
  • Adjustable handlebar and storage basket included


  • check
    The stroller and car seat are pretty heavy
  • check
    The awning on the stroller may not stay in place all the time


 Overall, we highly recommend this product. The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is one of the best-selling car seat and stroller combos in the United States. It is a convenient and well made travels system that comes at a very affordable price.

The compactness of this travel system is perfect for parents looking to save space and time. It is sturdy, easy to use and fits just about any budget. The Chicco Travel System is convenient and should definitely be on a parent's wish list.


The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger travel system has larger bicycle tires allow for rolling over all types of surfaces with minimal effort. It comes complete with the three wheel jogging stroller and the Flex Lock infant car seat with a lock in car base.

Features include a parent tray with cup holder, a lockable front swivel wheel for simple manoeuvrability, and covered storage basket.

An easy one hand harness adjustment, five-point safety harness and four-position push button height adjustable base round out the best points of this travel system.


  • check
    Excellent for those parents who hikes or jogs regularly
  • check
    Tires built to create smooth travel over any terrain
  • check
    Easy to fold up and lift for compact storage and transport
  • Handles are comfortable height for parents


  • check
    Consumers complained that the car seat head rest did not provide superior
     support for some babies
  • check
    The storage basket underneath is a bit small


 The Baby Trend Expedition Travel System is an excellent travel system for on the go parents.

Features such as the lockable front wheel, quick release wheels and covered storage basket provide convenience and compactness for easy use and storage.

 An extra wide push handle that includes an ergonomically shape and foam pad is comfortable for parents and the reclining padded seat with adjustable 5-point safety harness provides comfort for your child.


The Britax B-Lively travel system features many layers of protection along the sides as well as an Anti-Rebound bar to help reduce impact in the case of an accident.

The seat is set with easy installation technology that grows along with your child. This stroller features all wheel suspension and a lightweight frame.

This system is easy to manoeuvre, transport and store and a canopy allows light to shine through while providing protection against UV rays.


  • check
    Easy to use, assemble, fold and store
  • check
    Durable steel reinforced frame keeps your child safe
  • check
    Large canopy and storage compartment allows growth along with your child


  • check
    There are no cup holders for the parents or the child
  • check
    The car seat can be a bit on the smaller side
  • check
    List Element


 Parents will be able to cruise smoothly and safely with the Britax B-Lively and B-Safe Ultra travel system.

Features like being able to seamlessly transport your child both in and out of the car, five-point adjustable safety harness, one-hand fold and click and go system allow parents to be on-the-go without compromising their baby's safety or comfort.

With the extra-large storage basket, parent's will have plenty of room for all of their baby gear in one place. The one-hand fold makes the stroller easy to store and transport.


The Graco 4ever deluxe four-in-one car seat is the perfect to grow along with your child. This car seat is engineered with front, side, rear and rollover crash protection for your baby.

Reclining capabilities allow your child to stay comfortable during all care trips, no matter how long or short. Tested for side impact crashes in order to keep your child secure.

 Parents will love that this car seat will keep their child safe and secure for years to come.


  • check
    Extremely sturdy and safe for your child as they grow
  • check
    Simply Safe Adjust Hardness System provides 10 positions for overall comfort
  • check
    Easy to clean your child's biggest messes


  • check
    Can be difficult to install
  • check
    Material that seat is constructed of may wear easil


 A safe and reliable car seat from a trusted manufacturer. The Graco 4ever deluxe car seat has been specifically designed to ensure it grows along with your child.

The InRight Latch system allows parents to easily strap their baby in without hassle. Its high-end engineering will also protect your child from impact in the event of a car being hit from the front, side, rear and rollover car crashes.

The long list of features show how this car seat is perfect for busy parents looking for a long-term investment in their child's comfort and safety.



The Maxi-cost Pria convertible car seat is convenient for parents and comfortable for children.

 Each of your child's stages can be easily accommodated by making adjustments to the chair for your child quickly and with minimal effort.

 It has three different recline positions as well as five headrest heights to grown along with your child.

This seat is an excellent buy for parents who want to invest in one seat that will stay with their baby for years to come.


  • check
    A safe and reliable car seat
  • check
    Straps and clips are easily adjustable and allow for parents to get their
     children in and out of the car quickly
  • check
    Great fit for parents with a busy and active lifestyle


  • check
    The overall stature of the car seat is quite large
  • check
    Parents may have difficulty adjusting the straps


 This three-in-one seating system will provide a comfortable and safe car seat for your child that grows along with them.

 The Praia Max 3-in-1 will easily convert to each of your child's new stages with ease. It consists of three reclining positions and five headrest heights.

The Clique magnets make getting your baby in and out of the car easily and quickly. Made of comfortable fabric that is easy to keep clean; keeping parents and children happy.

What age does a baby start to walk & when to use a baby walker!

Do you have a cute little sweet baby that is crawling all over the place and you are wondering, agh when are they just gonna walk? Are they even 9 months yet? Are they even crawling yet? Are they still a newborn? If so, woo slow down.

There are so many questions that parents may be asking themselves when it comes to their children and the walking process. When baby starts to walk what happens? What age baby starts to walk? Are baby walkers safe to use? Why walkers are not good for babies? Are walkers bad for babies legs? Are walkers bad for babies hips?

No one has all of the answers to all of your questions but maybe this article can help you out a bit. There are so many random opinions, mommy blogs and experts that state their views on when a child should do anything. If you take too deep of an internet dive you will end up being convinced your child is an alien and that’s why they do the things they do.

Your baby isn’t an alien but that doesn’t mean they are unique in their own special way. The great thing is even the most unique of babies usually will do things that let the parents, loved ones and doctors know that other babies before them did the same things or developed in a similar way. This all helps you to know that your baby is right on schedule and if they aren’t your doctor will usually let you know.

Let this article be a guide to help you out with the questions you may have about your child learning to walk. Allow any things you haven’t thought about to be an eye opener for you. If there is something that you are still wondering after reading this article then you should check with your physician.

When Will Your Baby Start to Walk

So many people wonder what age baby starts to walk. According to your baby will start to walk between 9 and 15 months. If your baby isn’t walking by 15 months says, you shouldn’t be concerned if your baby isn’t walking yet unless they are 18 months old. If you are wondering if your daughter or son is going to walk faster than the other What To Expect lets you know that it doesn’t matter if a child is a boy or a girl, all children walk when it is their time.

Steps to Walking

Creeping- The process of a baby scooting is to pull or pushing themselves along on their stomach. Creeping is mainly a baby being able to lift their belly’s off the floor and move around.

Scooting- Scooting is where the baby is using their entire body to try to move forward. The baby may be trying to roll or rock forward. They will also do a lot of moving around on their stomach, back and bottom. It is encouraged that you put the babies toys around so that they can move towards the toys in their attempt to crawl.

Crawling- A baby is usually crawling or at least learning to crawl around 7 months. When a baby is crawling they are moving both their hands and legs to move themselves along. This may look like they are still scooting if they are not up on all fours. Some babies may skip this stage and go straight to pulling themselves up.

Pulling Themselves Up- This is the point where you should really get excited because your baby is really getting themselves prepared to walk. The baby will use furniture, your legs, toys or anything they can find to get up. You can try to entice your child to pull themselves up by putting a favorite toy on the couch and seeing if they will try to get it.

Standing- Once a child has pulled themselves up being able to stand on their own is just a matter of them finding their balance. Standing may start with a child pulling themselves up but once they are up if they can stay up without holding on to something then they are truly standing on their own. This is usually the time where parents and loved ones want to try to hold a child’s hand and “walk” with them.

Finally Walking- This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for. Your little one is finally walking on their own. They can go straight from laying down, to pushing themselves up to getting around their environment on their own. This is when a whole new world will open up for you, your baby and everyone that is in the babies life, especially pets.

Suddenly back to crawling- This is not with every child but there are cases where some children learn to walk and walk to go back to crawling. This is not a behavioral issue. You have to remember that even though your child is a baby they are trying to figure out things on their own. Maybe they didn’t feel totally sure walking or maybe they are intimating the dog or cat either way just what, they will be up walking again soon enough.

Some Things to Think About When Baby Starts to Walk

Don’t forget to baby proof EVERYTHING! You may think that you had proofed everything when you baby started to crawl or may your baby proofed your house before your baby was even born. Everything babies/toddlers can touch they are going to pull, open and just plain and simple try to get their little hands on. Here is an article by Mom 365 to help you baby proof your home.
To get the viewpoint on what your child could get in to get down on their height level and move around your home. You will see everything very differently than bending down and watching your child touch things. Also, don’t be afraid to follow your baby around in this position, they might think its a fun game and help you to find more things they get in to.

Another thing to really think about when the baby is walking around, baby shoes are hard! Baby shoes are meant to protect your child’s feet from getting stubbed or them dropping something on it. Babies don’t think about who or what is in their path and anyone can get their feet or hands stepped on. If you are someone who doesn’t like shoes in your home you might end up with some very unhappy visitors because of your baby getting them with the baby shoes.

Be prepared to get your cardio in. Just like when you approach a dog that thinks it’s time to play and they run from you, your baby will do the same. The weird thing is a baby isn’t running incredibly fast but once they know that you don’t want them doing something they will take off again and again and again. This is usually followed by them making multiple messes that you have to clean up as you chase them around. This may burn more calories than any gym workout.

Also, anything you don’t want them to have keep it out of their reach or behind a closed door. Babies are notorious for grabbing things, especially if they know they shouldn’t have it and taking it to some special hiding place. Or, you might just find your keys, wallet or a bill in the garbage. Remember babies are curious and will try to get into everything.

Another thing to think about, any areas or things that you are afraid of your baby will also be afraid of or even more interested in. If you tell your baby that the stove is hot and act afraid this might make them think you are playing and want to mess with it more. This is usually why so many babies seem to be drawn to plugs and outlets because they know that their parents don’t want them near it. If you don’t want your baby messing with something make the thing invisible, completely out of their reach or don’t let them believe its a game to mess with it.

Should You Be Concerned

Your baby is bowlegged. This is actually not a problem because every baby has a bowed stance. The bowed position of the legs stems from when the baby was in the womb. Your child should have a straighter position of their legs by the age of 3 or 4. By the time that they are 8 their legs should be in the position they will be leading in to their adult years.

Your child is pigeon toed. Even though a lot of children have a bit of turned in position of their feet it will usually correct itself by the time that they are a toddler. If there is a problem your doctor will definitely be monitoring it and they will certainly let you know if there is an issue that needs to be worked on.

Your baby is flat footed. Tons of adults are flat footed and walk just fine. A lot of babies have flat feet and don’t have any issues walking. Issues with weak ankles or feet pain because of their feet being flat probably won’t be something to worry about until your child is a bit older.

If your baby is walking on their tiptoes. This is okay! Babies will do things like walk on their tippy toes and it isn’t a problem. This is just a little kid thing and usually they will grow out of by the time that they are a toddler. If they are constantly doing it after 2 years of age then you should speak to your doctor about it.

What About a Walking Assistant/Harness

These are vests that you will snap on to your baby and it has handles that allow you to help your child walk. You hold on to the handles and help your child to stay upright while they are learning to walk. You holding on to the handles instead of holding them up with your hands on their body will help them to feel more balance.

These kinds of vests can be helpful in giving a child the confidence to learn to walk on their own with the help of their loved ones. The child is supported in the vest that goes over the shoulders, fits around their chest and back and is fitted around the crotch area. You are also able to swing your child around in the harness and add a lot of fun to the walking process.

Should You Use a Baby Walker

This question is one that you will have to ask yourself. You don’t need to get a baby walker for your child to develop in their walker. Also, there are other baby equipment that you can use to entertain your child while you are busy. Something you should really do is take a long around your home and decide if it’s the kind of home that can handle your child being in a baby walker.

What Are the Benefits of a Baby Walker

If you are wondering what are the benefits of a baby walker there definitely are a few reasons that walkers can be beneficial. Most parents love to be able to put their babies in to a baby walker so they know where they are. Another benefit that there is with a baby walker is that your baby gets to explore their area on their own.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Baby Walker

Parents may be asking themselves, are baby walkers safe to use? In the youtube video Should I let my baby use a baby walker? Nurse Dani explains the disadvantages and dangers of letting your baby use a baby walker. The video can definitely help parents and caregivers to know that if they are going to get a baby walker to be aware of how much they will have to watch their children.

Or the other question may be, why walkers are not good for babies? According to Dr. Gary Smith Professor of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine and Epidemiology at The Ohio State University, “there are still 2,000 children a year being treated for injuries, many of them serious injuries, in emergency departments.” This information is as recent as 2017.

Extra Questions to Ask About Baby Walkers

Are walkers bad for babies legs? According to, “baby walkers allow babies to move around before they are ready, their legs are hanging, putting extra strain on their hips and spine. Baby’s legs are usually in a bowed shape which can affect how they walk when they eventually learn how to do so.” The thought process is that babies should be allowed to crawl longer to develop their muscles neck, back and legs which will support them when it comes to walking.

Are walkers bad for babies hips? According to,“Any device that restrains a baby’s legs in an unhealthy position should be considered a potential risk for abnormal hip development.” This can include a baby walker.

Is There a Baby Walker Alternative

Push walkers are the baby walker alternative. Granted you can not expect your baby to be able to walk along with this push walker until they are fully able to support themselves standing up. Getting a push walker that your baby can play with until they can walk with it would be a huge benefit for this baby piece, here is a Baby Walker Review to help you find the best push walker for you.

In Conclusion

There are so many things to think about when baby starts to walk and even before they are on their feet. Do you use a baby walker or not? What needs to be done to your home to make it safe for a moving baby? What if the baby runs not long after walking?

Baby proof everything! This can not be stressed enough. Anything that your child can touch from the ground up to the furthest reach of their little fingers is something that they can get into. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them to stop they are going to do it even more. This includes any electronics or appliances in your home.

If you and your family decide that a baby walker works best for you and your family, keep in mind that the specialists and doctors are not fans of baby walkers. Not that their opinion needs to sway what you decide to do. There is the fact that if you wait a little longer once your baby is able to stand on their own a bit then a baby pusher would be a great way for them to get around.

Once your baby starts walking and then especially running you may have to rethink how much freedom they can have once outside of the house. A lot of parents and caregivers use baby harness type leashes that people have made fun of because it is viewed as a person treating their child as a dog. The “leash” can keep your baby within 3 or so feet of you at all times instead of them running freely, just think about it.

If you don’t like the idea of having your baby in a baby leash then definitely keep them in a stroller. There is no rush to get your child out of a stroller. Strollers are made for newborns up to toddlers around 2. There are even parents who keep their children in the stroller longer because it keeps them from running around.

Rest assured that the best of the best isn’t going to make your baby a future track star. Getting your baby the supposed best or most expensive shoes isn’t going to do anything for your baby but it will be less money in your wallet and your child will grow out of those shoes very soon! Babies don’t need shoes to learn how to walk. Just remember, if they are outside they should have shoes on.

If your baby doesn’t crawl before walking it is okay. Some babies don’t need to crawl. They may have spent so much time scooting their self around that they want to jump right to getting up. A baby also might start walking and then suddenly want to crawl again. This is perfectly okay!

If your baby is having issues with their walking then don’t be afraid to ask their physician. You know what your baby is doing and you are the best person to describe what they are doing in their development. Know that a lot babies and children will do a lot of questionable things you don’t have to worry about and how they choose to walk might be really questionable or strange. Your baby probably won’t do anything different than most other babies.

One last thing to remember. Every baby walks in their own time. It doesn’t matter if their older sister started walking at 10 months exactly. Your current baby has their own time schedule and as long as they are walking by 18 months then you don’t have anything to worry about.

Every baby is different, even if they are one out of six. As a parent or caregiver all you can do is give the child that you love the best tools to make sure that they are ready to walk. As long as you don’t rush them and pay attention to their cues and not your time then that baby will be up and walking before you know it.